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June 28, 2020, Update:

The response of our fundraiser has been overwhelming, we are about to end the portion of our sales to help out our local bartenders and servers, but we are not done.  We have been trying for years to establish a niche for our company, a line of apparel created by us.  After the local for life design was born and so well recieved, we thought to oursleves, "Maybe this is it"!  So we went back to the drawing board and have since started to create new designs which showcase what it is to be "Local for Life" in our community.  Check out our new designs today!


The first design is our "Built on Steel"  shirt was designed to remember what Edgemere-Sparrows Point was built upon.  Bethlehem Steel may long be gone but the memories will last forever.  A majority of our family worked there and we wanted to come up with something to cherish those times in our history.  



Due to the unprecedented times we are living through, many small businesses around the country are hurting.  Here in '19 we have an amazing support group and love our small businesses, especially those who serve us on a daily basis.  

Recently we received a call from a local business owner and good friend, Nicole Youse, who is the co-owner of Crossroads Bistro.  She had an idea to help the local restaurant employees of our small community.  She wanted to come up with a shirt design that would help support all those who serve our community, this being all of our servers, bartenders, and other restaurant staff.  We were immediately on a mission.  We made contact with the local '19 establishments explaining our goal and most were ecstatic.  We then sought out for a non-profit to partner with and after some phone calls we were happily sponsored by our local Miller's Island Ravens Roost #86 who was more than willing to work with us on this awesome project, a project we called "Local 4 Life".  The next was coming up with a logo that represents who we are as a community and with input from some of our local establishments we came up with what you see here. As a community small business we wanted to contribute in the giving back as well so we have donated all of the art and set up fees associated in handling this project. All proceeds will be donated to the Raven's Roost who will then split up the funds between each of the employees from each establishment listed on the back of the shirt. 

We would really like to thank all the local bars and restaurants who saw our vision and jumped right in wanting to help.  This is a true testament to what makes our community what it is, we stand together in times of need.     

To further the excitement of this project, Ravens Roost #86 will be putting together a basket of goods.  For every purchase made you will receive a raffle ticket which will be drawn at the conclusion of this fundraiser.  More information will be presented on this site and our facebook page once we know exactly what to expect in the basket. 

If you would like to provide any donations to this basket, please email us at creeksidetshirts@gmail.com

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